Film Series
4th Annual Queer Film Festival: The Quare in There

The QUARE In There shakes up contemporary conversations around race, gender, and sexuality. Defying gender boundaries and playing with traditional views of Blackness, this film chronicles a community’s use of body, voice, and movement as sources of liberation.


Co-Sponsored by The Multicultural Center, Igwebuike, Department of Communication, and Department of Women's and Gender Studies and SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice

Music Recital Hall
Show Dates: 
Wed, 02/28/2018 - 7:30pm

In this short documentary film, Black and queer are paralleled sites of creative activism. Taking place in Oakland, CA, where the city is as much as a character as the participants themselves, the value of self-definition and alternative world making are the nexus for transformation. Noun, adjective, and verb are all part of the multifaceted definition of QUARE, a term that does not isolate identities, yet considers them in totality. Exciting the intersections surrounding Black queer subjectivity, The QUARE In There fuses woven threads of identity and historical social oppressions. Defying gender boundaries, prancing through sexualities, and playing with traditional views of Blackness, this film celebrates a community’s sense of self-worth and presence. With words, music, and everpresent style, film participants reclaim their position as social outsider by using self-expression as a tool for personal empowerment and autonomy.