Arts for Social Justice

Arts for Social Justice

Arts for Social Justice is a program of the College of Arts and Sciences and SCU•Presents

The arts touch each of us every day of our lives. Whether it is a song on the radio, a movie, a book, a painting, a dance or a play.  They move us, educate us, and have an impact on each of us and it is our responsibility to use the arts to focus on the human condition and to shed light on the inequities of the world. Whether it is poverty, abuse, homelessness, human trafficking, gender and racial parity, or sustainability, we must use the arts to express ourselves, call attention to current issues and motivate individuals to promote change. Arts for Social Justice raises awareness and engages SCU students in these human issues, and bridges the gap between life at SCU and life out in the community.

The arts provide a great way to connect for students who want to make a difference. Whether locally or globally, the arts provide the personal connection that allows individuals to create a positive impact on our society.  


Arts for Social Justice is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative whose mission is to raise awareness about critical issues addressing the human condition, through the creation of and participation in a wide variety of art forms, both on and off campus, that foster dialogue and action in the community. 

The purpose of Arts for Social Justice (ASJ) is to support the creation and presentation of art that explores and encourages positive change by inspiring participants to use the artistic process to engage with individuals and address the broader contemporary challenges of our global society.

ASJ supports the conscience and compassion of Santa Clara University faculty, staff and students, and develops creative competency by providing opportunities to bring together artists, students and the community to collaborate, explore, develop and present art that will affect positive change in our global community.


The Arts for Social Justice goal is to facilitate opportunities for individuals to become actively, consciously and creatively engaged in our community, and to build a bridge to enhanced understanding of social and cultural differences.    Programs are developed that afford individuals the opportunity to explore and participate in positive change through artistic expression in a variety of disciplines.

  1. Develop a student-initiated program, with support from faculty and staff, to actively create and support art projects (from a variety of disciplines) that focus on specific social/justice issues.

  2. Institute a university-wide grant program wherein University individuals or departments apply to receive development funds to incorporate the arts, with a focus on social/justice, into their program.

  3. SCU Presents will develop of an arts series, Embracing our Human Connection, programmed with local, regional, national and international artists, addressing social/justice themes.

  4. Develop programming through SCU Presents, in collaboration with the broader SCU community, which provides access to the arts for a diverse range of partners within our region.